IT Consulting

Setting up a new business? Setting up a home-office? Restructuring or expanding your business premises?

We can share our technical expertise to help you choose (or build) an IT solution that best matches your requirements. We will work around your budget to present you with the most cost-effective solution to guarantee a fast ROI. Don't worry if such a solution does not exist - We can build it for you!

Financial Aid:- We will also help you apply for Government or EU funding to benefit from funds that can help you reduce the overall cost of your investment.

Custom-built Solutions / Custom Software Development

Every business is unique, and yours is no exception. We understand that some of your requirements cannot be satisfied by an off-the-shelf solution. Don't get forced into adopting a generic solution, only to realize you are sacrificing your business' efficiency.

Unlike other vendors, we do not limit you to a single supplier or push you into purchasing our own branded hardware/software. We will assess your specific requirements and research the best deals on the market to help you choose the most cost-effective solution that will help your business thrive.

If an off-the-shelf solution is not what you're looking for, we will build a custom hardware/software solution that best-fits the needs of your home or business.

In the end, our only aim is your satisfaction!

Web Design

You want to extend your presence online? Through our partners we can offer you SEO web design and development that will help you reach out to a larger market.


We can provide you with:

  • Static Websites
  • Online Shopping Carts (check out our E-Commerce section)
  • SEO (Fine tuned Search Engine Optimizations)
  • Online marketing and advertising (Facebook, Google, etc.)
  • Managed web hosting services: Trouble-free domain registration and web hosting, totally managed by us. Starting from just €99 per year!

Data Backup and Recovery Service

Are you a victim of a Hard Disk crash or hardware failure? Do you need to backup or recover important files or business-critical data? Do you want to avoid the headache of porting data to a new computer?

In case of hardware or disk failures, we will recover your data through non-destructive measures and provide you with a DVD or pendrive containing all your critical data. Hardware is collected and delivered on site free of charge.

LAN & WIFI Installations

Are you planning on providing a hot-spot or simply want to deploy WiFi in your premises? Following an on-site assessment, we can have your system installed, configured and secured so you will be up-and-running in no time. We will supply you with all the necessary hardware, or you can even supply your own. Related services include:

  • Network infrastructure design
  • Structured cabling installations
  • Securing Wireless LAN Access Points
  • Indoor/outdoor WIFI Antenna installations
  • Server maintenance & hardware upgrades

Call us for a free on-site assessment and quotation.

24-hour technical support

With YellowBit you get peace of mind and business continuity through round the clock support services backed up by 10 years of technical expertise.

We offer very competitive pay-per-use rates as well as subscription services for:

  • On-Site support
  • Remote technical support
  • Email and Phone support

Tech support services are also available for home-users at affordable rates.

Services for Home Users

YellowBit offers a variety of services for home users at very competitive rates. We collect and deliver your computer at your home FREE of charge.Services offered include:

  • Formatting and installations
  • Virus cleaning
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Data Backup and Recovery (Hard Disk Crash or loss of files)
  • Software maintenance
  • Backup software
  • Free AntiVirus software
  • School Project printing
  • 24-hour telephone, Email and on-site support.
  • Remote support - we can connect to your computer and help you solve problems instantly, without even coming on site.

Need advice to help you choose a computer system? Give us a call and we can discuss your requirements.